Among other things, the opinions of a former member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police force. My take on the world in general and one thing in particular - a commentary on the current situation in Zimbabwe. I am not a journalist, nor a political activist, but I am a man with a conscience. Hence, this page is my civic responsibility. The more people that hear about the devastating rule in Zimbabwe and the problems therein, the better!

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  • Zimbabwe cash crunch forces Fastjet to scale down flights
  • Farmer-led irrigation in Africa: driving a new Green Revolution?
  • Against the tide - Mugabe ploughs through with bond notes
  • Cabinet meets today
  • Moyo’s ‘loyalist’ claims dismissed
  • Govt relaxes medical advertising rules
  • Tokwe-Mukosi Dam nearing completion
  • Zim-China trade to reach $1bn mark
  • Court cases can’t stop bond notes
  • CCJP, ZimRights speak out on Gukurahundi
  • Clergy express reservations on foreign mediated coalition talks
  • Liberation struggle was worth it: Dabengwa
  • War vets bid to invade conservancy thwarted
  • “Zim re-engagement with EU anchored on respect for democratic values”
  • Zanu PF insists on ‘anti-Mnangagwa’ resolution
  • ‘Govt should commit to Gukurahundi reburials’
  • Coalition impossible: Biti
  • I miss you Zimbabwe
  • Transparency key for Zec
  • Bond notes: A success or financial Armageddon?
  • The final nail - Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 26th November 2016
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