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Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday (24-10-2005) Bulletin

Each headline below is a link that will take you to the relevant article...
  • 'Dust People' Starve In Zimbabwe Ruins The Bearded Man speaks: This is a rather long article, but well worth the read. It details how the Operation Murambatsvina have reduced many people in Zimbabwe to animals scurrying about looking for food and protecting what little they have wih little more than caveman antics. Opening up what the ruling party ZANU (PF) would prefer remains under cover, the reporter from The Sunday Times pulls no punches and uses no feathery language. I just hope that people stopped long enough to read it.
  • Top MDC Man Slams Tsvangarai The Bearded Man speaks: Sadly the fighting within the ranks of the MDC continues. Gift Chimanikire has publicly labasted the MDC leader, stating that the party WILL contest the senate elections and anyone who thinks otherwise should just 'shut up'. Mugabe has been quoted as saying that the fighting within the opposition party show it to be an 'irrelevent party'.
  • Cracks Widen In MDC The Bearded Man speaks: Apparently tomorrow we will all know just how many MDC MPs have rebelled against the ruling that the MDC will not participate in the Senate elections. My interest will be what action the MDC upper ranks will take once they know how many and who are involved with the open rebellion.
  • Gono, Mugabe Head For Clash The Bearded Man speaks: Another political clash on the cards in Zimbabwe. The Governor of the Reserve Bank, Gideon Gono, is trying to stop the land invasion of commercial farms, started and sponsored by the government. He, quite correctly, has identified this invasions as causing major problem in the agricultural economy. The government however, is hell-bent on taking over as much land as possible, seen as an blatant attempt to win back the 'hearts and minds' of the oppressed population. As is usual in scenes such as these, it will be the povo that lose out and will inevitably be blamed for this - second on the list behind Bush and Blair (who cause all the problems in Zimbabwe - as Mugabe would have us believe).
  • Hungry Residents Consume 'Contaminated Beans' The Bearded Man speaks: Here we see another aspect of the levels to which the Zimbabwean residents are forced to stoop. Rather than face the ravages of starvation, residents of Chitungwiza (a township just outside the capital city, Harare) have risked eating 'contaminated beans', preferring to fight any ensuing illness. Desperate? I'd say!
  • Zimbabwe Warns 'Lazy Farmers' The Bearded Man speaks: When the government of Zimbabwe decided the time was right to start the 'land grab', taking paid for and worked lands away from the white commercial famers by way of violence, intimifation and murder, just who did they think would runs the farms thereafter? Little or no work has been done on the farm as many of them were given to the ruling party's shamwari's (friends), and have become more of a status symbol than a workable business. Now they are warning the farm owners that haven't done anything with the land, that the same farms will be taken away from them and given to somebody who WILL make them work... the commercial farmers made them work and no one complains - pity that the majority of them have left the country as I'm sure that many of them would be happy to charge the ruling party for the professional input.
  • Dunlop Tyres Set To Re-Open The Bearded Man speaks: Ah! Someone has actually thought on their feet! My previous report/comment said that something urgently need to be done. The question is: how long can the government sustain the factory? Indeed, taking it all one step further, how long before the country implodes completely?


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