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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday (18-05-2006) Bulletin

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  • Harare Bans Public Prayers, Marches Amid Fears Of Anti-Mugabe Protests TBM speaks: "Zimbabwe police have banned public rallies, marches and prayer meetings planned for next weekend to mark the government's controversial home demolition exercise last year, for fear the commemoration could easily turn into anti-government protests, organisers said on Wednesday. To ensure the commemoration was pre-empted, the police also arrested several church, civic leaders and individuals leading preparations for various activities to mark the urban renewal exercise." So Mugabe's intention is to stop anything before it starts... And the way to do that is to arrest religious and civic leaders, lock them up for a short while, then release them with a strong warning about how they must not involve themselves in anti-Mugabe protests... I don't think that this sort of thing helps the situation at all, and will help the civic and religious leaders make a very simple choice - do they stay loyal to the people, or back down in favour of their own freedom? Having grown up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and knowing the people well, I have no doubt in my mind which choice was made and Mugabe can expect to see protests against his rule go ahead... And this is just the government's reaction to the intention the people have to commemorating the destructive Operation Murambatsvina last year. "The police have cancelled all our programmes to commemorate the event. They advised us that we can no longer go ahead because they suspect we might end up turning commemorations into countrywide anti-Mugabe protests."
  • Ex-Rhodesian Soldier's Bail Application Dismissed TBM speaks: "High Court judge Chinembiri Bhunu on Wednesday dismissed with costs an application for bail by Peter Michael Hitschmann who is facing charges of plotting to assassinate President Robert Mugabe. Hitschmann's lawyer, Johannes Zviuya yesterday, told ZimOnline that Bhunu had dismissed the application insisting the accused was facing serious charges." I have said this before and will no doubt say it again. I would like to read the decision in full before commenting further, but I doubt that the ruling will be publicised. The trial is set to resume on June 26.
  • South Africa Says Concerned Over Worsening Zimbabwean Crisis TBM speaks: "We have been concerned about the deteriorating economic situation (in Zimbabwe), where inflation has now reached 1 000 percent, and the predictions are it can get worse. We remain concerned not only about the effects on the people of Zimbabwe, but the effect on the region as a whole, because Zimbabwe is an important player." So what exactly is South Africa intending to do about the situation in the country immediately to their north? One would think that there is SOMETHING that they can do to help dilute, at least, the horrific circumstances in which vast numbers of Zimbabweans live under. Again, I wonder what hold Mugabe has over other African leaders, as none of them seem to be able to do anything to stem the tide of oppression, corruption and duplicity practised within the Zimbabwean government.
  • Zimbabwe Police Arrest Fierce Mugabe Critic TBM speaks: If telling the truth on the Zimbabwe situation is a crime, then I am as guilty as John Makumbe. "Zimbabwe police on Wednesday arrested a University of Zimbabwe (UZ) political science lecturer and fierce critic of President Robert Mugabe's government, John Makumbe. Makumbe, who was picked from the university grounds early in the morning, is being held at the Harare central police station's notorious law and order section, where detainees have often complained of being beaten up and tortured." The whole episode would appear to be linked to Mugabe arrest of religious and civic leaders in an attempt to warn them over the consequences of their actions. The arrest will do little more thas stiffen resolve against Mugane, ZANU (PF) and their government. "They (police) just told me that they wanted to have a chat with me," said Makumbe. "They have not laid any charges yet but they are preparing for the so-called chat. I think this has to do with my participation in the preparations for the commemoration of Operation Murambatsvina (home demolition exercise)."
  • Journalists Barred From Visiting Victims Of Clean-Up Exercise TBM speaks: A team of 60 journalists were barred from touring Hopley Farm without clearance from a Colonel Gwanetsa. So what is there at Hopley Farm to hide? The people living there are as Zimbabwean as those who wish to visit them... Why all the secrecy and the need for 'clearance'? Have they really got something to hide or is it just 'running interference' to take the attention away from something more hideous? To catch a thief you have to think like a thief...
  • Harare's Last Independent Judge Flees To NZ TBM speaks: "Benjamin Paradza skipped Zimbabwe last January - after he was convicted, but before being sentenced for attempted corruption - and was later sentenced to two years in absentia by Justice Simpson Mtambanegwe. The British Mail on Sunday newspaper reported Mr Paradza's asylum application was rejected by Britain, even though his supporters, had put together £40 000 (NZ$122 000) university fellowshio fund for him. Paradza then moved to New Zealand where he was immediately granted refuge, the newspaper said." And good luck to him too!


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What is it about the Brit Govt. that will not allow people from Zim, people who have been forced to leave by unjust persecution by Mugabe and his thugs, to take up residence in UK. The bloody Brits screwed it all up in the first place when the interfered with the Lancaster House agreement and basically handed the country to Mugabe on a plate and ignored what the people actually voted for.

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