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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday (28-06-2006) Bulletin

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  • Police Disrupt Burial Of Tsvangirai's Father TBM speaks: "About 25 police some carrying guns and teargas canisters stormed the funeral of the father of opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, ordering mourners to remove the party's regalia and stop sloganeering." What is it about Mugabe? He has this idea that if it is not about him, then it must be against him... How can the authorities send armed people to a funeral? "But the burial ceremony - a hallowed occasion in the local Shona culture - was thrown into chaos as police attempted to force the about 1 000 mourners to remove MDC T-shirts and bandanas in yet another clear example of harassment of the opposition leaders and supporters. The police, who were said to have been in a fighting mood, bizarrely claimed that the mourners were violating the government's tough Public Order and Security Act (POSA) that forbids political gatherings without prior permission from the police." In my mind the police have overstepped the mark and I am horrified at the actions. A death in the family is hard enough, without Mugabe's heavy-handed tactics making it any harder. Morgan, I am so sorry for your loss. My sympathies to you and you family. May your father rest in peace.
  • Former ZANU PF Official Launches Own Party TBM speaks: "Former provincial chairman in the ruling ZANU PF party who left the party in a fallout over the unresolved issue of President Robert Mugabe's succession is set to launch his own political party in Harare on Saturday. Daniel Shumba, who is also a former colonel in the army and was ZANU PF chairman in the party's stronghold of Masvingo province, will announce the formation of the United People's Party (UPP) at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare's low-income suburb of Harare. The UPP is provisionally led by Shumba as interim president." Hasn't he already done this? I'm sure that this was done a few months ago...
  • Zimbabwe Police Arrest Women Watching World Cup Matches In Bars TBM speaks: "Zimbabwean police have arrested several women over the past few weeks accusing the women who were watching the 2006 World Cup football matches in sports bars of loitering for purposes of prostitution. The police last Friday raided sports bars in Kuwadzana, Kambuzuma, Warren Park and Budiriro suburbs in Harare chucking out all women patrons and arresting all those who tried to resist." So, if we all do what ZANU PF wants, we cannot bury our deceased family members, nor can we watch World Cup matches without permission from the Zimbabwe Republic Police. If I still lived there, I know exactly what I'd do - exactly the same as I do here - watch the games wherever I want to, and should I need to bury a family member, God forbid, I will do it was grace and dignity, without fear of the police gatecrashing the funeral...
  • Surge In Prices Of Basics Could Undo Mugabe's Economic Recovery Bid TBM speaks: In another life I might have felt sorry for Mugabe. But I don't. He has single-handedly ruined what use to be a lovely, self-sustaining country. Now, every time he looks at a solution to the problem, he either makes it worse, or finds that the economy cannot sustain the program that he wants to put in place. One man. One country. On tragedy. "A surge in prices of basic commodities and a sharp slide by the Zimbabwe dollar on the parallel market in past weeks could undo a fresh initiative by President Robert Mugabe to halt the economy's free-fall, further putting pressure on his grip on power, analysts said. Crisis-weary Zimbabweans have in the last week awoken to a sharp increase in the price of bread, the second staple food, while transport fares for urban workers have doubled in some instances, effectively forcing most people to walk for several kilometers to work." The Zimbabwean dollar is still officially pegged at 101 195 but this is only because of some silly rules put in place early this year. And the Zimbabwean authorities shot themselves in the foot by evidently changing money on the black market. "In the meantime, the Zimbabwe dollar has depreciated further on the black market, weakening from 320 000 to the greenback at the start of last week to around 400 000 yesterday. The local unit is officially pegged at 101 195 to the US dollar. But most Zimbabweans including private firms and some government departments depend on the illegal but thriving black-market for foreign currency."
  • Torture - Shocking Stats TBM speaks: I would encourage you to read this article. Here's the first line: "One in 10 Zimbabweans need psychological help and one in 10 people over the age of 30 in Matabeleland is a survivor of torture."
  • Foreign Farmers Can Appeal TBM speaks: "Foreign landowners in Zimbabwe would be allowed to appeal against the seizure of their farms in court, according to a government minister. It was reported that state security minister Didymus Mutasa told diplomats recently amendments to the constitution which blocked white farmers from such appeals didn't apply to farms protected by the government-to-government agreements." I don't know of any 'owner' that is prepared to take on the government in any appeal. As I have written before, if it's in Zimbabwe and Mugabe wants it, he'll get it - come hell or high water.


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