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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday, 1st October 2006


There's not a lot out there today, which is probably just as well, as I have just SO much to do today....

Voice of America reports that "with just three weeks to go before the start of Zimbabwe's maize planting season, the government is pursuing fresh farm evictions around the country based on a new law that increases state powers to drive white commercial farmers off the land. Fresh evictions have been reported in Manicaland, Masvingo and Mashonaland West provinces, despite statements in recent months from top officials including the two vice presidents and the central bank chief saying commercial farm evictions were over.

Two white farmers in Mashonaland West received summonses this week to appear in court for refusing to vacate their properties. Another 50 farmers across the country have been handed eviction notices under a recently promulgated law saying anyone who receives a Section 5 notice of state land takover must vacate within 45 days.

The law makes it a crime to refuse, with a penalty of up to two years in prison."

So what else is new in Zimbabwe - Mugabe continues to bully the population, the government continues to chase white commercial farmers off their land, while the Zimbabwean economy is in a permanent nosedive with the local currency not faring very well against all other currencies...

The same newspaper reports "thousands of residents of Harare's Glenview district turned out Friday to protest the longstanding watershortages the southern suburb has experienced as well as the poor quality of the water that households are receiving, local sources said.

Demonstrators bearing placards denouncing Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo and Harare Commission Chairwoman Sekesai Makwavarara dumped trash at a local council office. No police intervention was reported, as the demonstrators scattered quickly after staging the protest."

Now if you are going to protest against the Harare government, then this is the way to do it - unannounced, adlib, ad hoc, whatever - over and done with before the police realise it is even taking place.

Raw Story says that "Zimbabwe will act decisively on any threats to law and order, President Robert Mugabe said Friday, a day after the UN here urged the authorities to show restraint when dealing with protests. A defiant Mugabe, speaking to senior ruling party members, repeated his long-standing charge that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and former colonial power Britain were behind recent trade union demonstrations, which were quickly quashed by police." Amazing that he should say "will" when they already "have"!

I can't see how a demonstration is a threat to law and order - unless Mugabe's armed forces and secutiry personnel turn it into a violent encounter as on September 13...

This is not democracy. This is a dictatorship. A democracy looks after the needs and wants of the people. A dictatorship looks after the needs and wants of the rulers.

Go figure...

"We happen to know that behind this ill-advised probing attempt to brew instability was the MDC and its British, and American and Western sponsors," the 82-year-old president said in televised comments.

"They indeed are challenging the very principle of rule of law they are wont to chastise us for. We shall act and act decisively against any threats to law and order, however couched," he said."

Why is it that Mugabe insists that everything that is against him is orchestrated by the west - the United United Kingsom and the USA to be precise - but he is unable to substantiate his claims.

And then I found this video on Google - something different for your Sunday...

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